One Call Does It All

Our highly skilled staff and expert management team deliver exceptional results, tailored to your specific needs. Whether you seek a one-time service call or an ongoing maintenance program, we’re available 24/7.

Our services include:

Pressure Washing

An array of industrial equipment means your property gets exactly the cleaning it needs to stay fresh and sanitized.


Gutter Cleaning

Eco-friendly cleaning, secure closure repair and proper installation ensure a sanitary environment that kills harmful bacteria, reduces fire hazards and deters rodents.


Commercial Washing

Reliable, high-quality services for planned or emergency situations within your budget and schedule backed by decades of construction experience.


House Washing

As cleaning moves front and center, our professional service keeps properties pristine throughout the day.


Roof Cleaning

Reduce runoff pollution and comply with environmental regulations through our planning, water system design, gray water management, inspection and maintenance.


Solar Panel Cleaning

Get a new perspective on asset protection with ground to sky inspections of your rooftop conditions, utility equipment, facility damage, perimeter and overall property security.


Window Cleaning

Professional commercial cleaning that stands apart from lobby to elevator, wall to window, light fixture to floor, with those intangible extras that really make us shine!


COVID-19 Enhanced Cleaning

Next level disinfecting for today’s world with interior/exterior solutions, intensive touch point cleaning, all surface anti-virus fogging and incident response.



All Your Facility Needs From One Source

Benefit from the reliability of professional janitorial services, landscaping, property inspection and facility maintenance combined with the convenience of managing it all through one service provider. Big or small, we can do it all.


Who We Are

We are a team of innovators and strategic thinkers who leverage technology in the pursuit of business results. In the field of facility maintenance, we stand for excellence, beautifying spaces, growing businesses and developing leaders.

  • Over A Quarter Century Experience – We have provided professional pressure washing services to commercial & residential clients throughout the Central Valley

  • Properties – Serviced each month in multifamily, office, shopping centers, commercial, residential, government, and mixed-use facilities

We provide friendly service and value to commercial & residential clients needing professional and reliable washing services, all conveniently located under one roof.

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Experience the convenience of calling someone you can trust to take care of a multitude of pressure washing services effectively and professionally, every time.

A talented team that works well together makes it all possible. We have a bit of depth after more than two decades in business. We know what to get done and how to get it done, especially when you need it most.

We are professional with the training, skills, knowledge, and equipment to provide your valuable asset with best in class service. We behave professionally when front and center or behind the scenes. You  will get the best care from top to bottom.


We Do A Lot, So We Know A Lot

Our team members come with an array of experience in property services. We cross-train disciplines so our staff is on the lookout for your property in every aspect. Get the expertise and quality of service you expect from an industry leader. We are reliable, thorough, and proactive.

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Multifamily properties experience around-the-clock occupancy and require a facilities team at the top of their game 24/7. Maintain the value and appeal of multifamily properties with proper, professional, and easy to manage facility care.

We service multifamily properties throughout the Central Valley and Southern California, whether an apartment building, complex, condominium, duplex, or townhouse community. Our full range of services make it easy to manage all your necessities through one provider for indoor, outdoor, common area, janitorial, landscaping, handyman, and other facility needs.

  • Day Porter – Maintaining the highest levels of cleanliness in common areas is more important than ever
  • Landscape – Proper landscaping can make a big difference in the appeal of your property for tenants and potential customers
  • Steam Cleaning – Pressure washing keeps buildings, sidewalks, parking lots, and garages clean from oil, grime, gum, and other blemishes
  • Trash Chutes – Professional installation, repair, and cleaning of garbage collection equipment can reduce odors, injury, disease, and infestation

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Many of California’s well-known retail brands rely on Valley Wash Pros. Maintaining clean and attractive public areas are at the forefront of keeping tenants happy and shoppers returning. The complexities of stand-alone retail properties require a facility team with experience and depth.

These larger facilities, often anchor retailers, involve higher profiles and greater traffic volume. Renovations and corporate demands can also lead to more extensive needs, such as build-out and construction cleanup. Greater customer activity can require additional maintenance with parking lots, trash, and customer pickup areas. You can manage all your needs through one vendor with Valley Wash Pros.

  • Floor Care – Properties with larger floor spaces, greater foot traffic, and frequent restocking put a higher demand on surfaces and the need for quality professional care.
  • Maintenance – From getting repairs done quickly to removing graffiti, retailers depend upon our quick response to maintain appealing facilities.
  • Power Washing – Steam cleaning and high-pressure washing help maintain sanitary facilities by cleansing exteriors, sidewalks, floors, storage spaces, and trash collection areas.
  • Inspections – Whether just staying on top of things or managing from afar, property site inspections and drone video can confidently keep you in the know.

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A well-maintained property sets the right professional tone for tenants and their customers. From parking lot to landscape, to restroom to cubicle workspace, the benefits of a good Valley Wash Pros team are noticeable at every turn.

Facility managers have plenty to deal with as they balance the needs of tenants with the demands of maintaining the property on many levels.

  • Building Maintenance – Common areas have the biggest overall impact. Get things on the right track with professional maintenance and handyman services.
  • Floor Care – Office buildings have the largest variety of floor surfaces. Our expert team can handle marble, tile, carpet, hardwood, and laminate surfaces.
  • ADA Compliance – Prevent costly ADA infractions and lawsuits with our CASp inspectors, ADA compliance, and remediation services
  • Janitorial – We service over 1,300 properties in California for a reason. As cleaning moves to the forefront work with a team that stands out.

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Our professional team understands the logistics, scope, and unique demands of industrial operations. We efficiently provide the behind-the-scenes services to keep your facility running smoothly. From large to small, we can scale to exactly the right fit for your facility maintenance.

Recognizing that industrial properties may have regulations and safety reqirements, our crew is professionally trained and equipped for specific tasks. We maintain trouble-free facilities so your focus can remain on industrial operations.

  • Safety – Crews are well-trained, outfitted with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and ready to perform maintenance tasks safely and effectively
  • Construction Cleanup – From cleaning construction messes to hauling away debris, we restore areas to workable conditions
  • Inspections – Property inspections from perimeter to ground to rooftop, identify maintenance, compliance, and safety issues early
  • Parking Lots – Maintain paved surfaces with sweeping, power washing, and steam cleaning. We also provide signage and restriping services.

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While you serve the public, be sure to keep your facilities clean, safe, and well-maintained. We work with properties at federal, state, and municipal levels providing property services for government buildings, agencies, facilities, and public access areas.

Valley Wash Pros also provides support maintenance, landscaping, cleanup, inspections, graffiti removal, and more for businesses located within Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), Business Improvement Areas (BIA), Business Revitalization Zones (BRZ), Community Improvement Districts (CID), Special Services Areas (SSA), or Special Improvement Districts (SID).

  • Regular or Temporary – While we service many facilities on a regular basis, we also offer temporary and emergency services.
  • Public Welfare – Keep public facilities safe and clean with professional services provided by an industry leader since 1987.
  • Workplace Safety – From service countertops to cubicles to warehouse facilities, we clean and maintain all types of work environments for the health of your employees.
  • Easy Billing – We can provide property services under contract or on a purchase order basis, whatever suits your needs.

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Our company started with servicing shopping centers and it remains a core part of our business. We understand the unique challenges and needs of our retail partners, especially in today’s business climate. Put our decades of experience to work for your property.

Retailers, landlords, customers, local regulators, vendors, and others contribute to a long list of demands. Our experienced team makes life easier by expertly providing a wide range of services through a single provider. Our full range of services are convenient for outdoor shopping centers, indoor malls, strip malls, grocery stores, restaurants, bars, salons, gyms, entertainment centers, and banks.

  • Anti-Virus – Safe disinfecting protocols, Level 2 cleaning with EPA-approved virucide, and same-day Incident Response for the protection of customers and employees
  • Vacancy Prep – Fill vacancies quickly with our vanilla shell conversions, demolition, and construction cleanup. Or remodel for tenant improvements.
  • ADA Remediation – Our professional CASp Inspections can identify costly ADA violations and guide repairs before they become a problem.
  • Landscape – Beautiful landscapes set the tone for a warm, pleasant environment. From well-groomed lawn care to trimmed trees and fragrant floral, we do it all.

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We are problem-solvers, can-doers, roll-up-your-sleeves, and get-it-done-with-a-smile type of crew. We operate like this at every level, from the top on down.

Trust and communication are the keys. We work for you.

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